Sunday, November 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | India | WorldSpace has Added Sarabhi Radio

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News believes it is commendable that WorldSpace - the all digital radio satellite broadcaster has added a new "niche" Indian radio channel - Surabhi.

Surabhi captures the cultural ethos of the legendary Maratha tradition and the interests of Maharashtrians in their poetry, literature and theater.

The channel covers the whole range of Marathi music in its programming output. It promises to transmit Bhaavgeet songs (with 'bhaav' - emotions), Abhangas (devotional songs), Powadas (patriotic songs), Natyasangeet (songs used in plays), Lavani and Lokgeet (folk songs)and other specialised genres.

The "Surabhi" radio channel joins a growing portfolio of Indian regional language radio channels on the WORLDSPACE Satellite Radio Network beamed as part of the AsiaStar satellite foot print coverage area. These include Tamil (KL Radio), Malayalam (RM Radio), Telugu(Spandana), Kannada (Sparsha), Bengali (Tara), Punjabi (Tunak Punjabi), and Urdu (Falak).

While WORLDSPACE says it is dedicated to enhancing subscribers' personal listening experience through the continuous addition of unique, new content that helps connect people away from home with the music and tradition of their people, Digital Broadcasters Vendor News reminds you these are pay radio services that have to be subscribed to using special WorldSpace satellite tuners.

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