Friday, November 10, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Hong Kong | Granada TV Sets Up Hong Kong Office

Coincidentally with the CASBAA Convention 2006, Granada (TV) International told Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia that it had set up a Hong Kong business office.

For the very reason Granada International is one of the largest and most successful commercial television distributors in the world, I regard the Granada announcement as 20 years late.

Why on earth did it take the powers that be in Sydney and Manchester so long to come this conclusion.

Anyway, Digital Broadcasters Vendor News congratulates Granada on its decision. The Asian 'Hong Kong' office is headed by James Ross, and joins London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro in Granada's worldwide distribution centres.

The British are notoriously slow at seeing the advantages and economies of establishing local offices when they pay out +/- 35 per cent in sales agent commissions.

Granada, as the largest commercial TV production company in Britain, is now a key shareholder in ITV, which includes the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster ITV1.

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