Thursday, March 09, 2006

Taiwan is largest exhibitor group at CeBIT, Hanover 2006 followed by China and Korea

March 8,

Hanover, Germany -- The 20th edition of CeBIT, the world's biggest technology and telecoms fair which started today has added significance this year with World Cup Soccer Finals taking place this summer in Germany. High Definition TV and 3G product exhibitiors are therefore in the spotlight with their latest product upgrades and subsequent emphasis on higher capacity storage capabilities.

HDTV is also putting the spotlight on new, higher capacity storage versions of DVD with rival formats Blu-ray and HD DVD formats fighting to garner the US$24 billion a year worldwide home video market.

Microsoft and its origami project - the rival and next generation to the iPOD is also being publicly announced. The scene-stealer details are on the dedicated web site from March 9.

This year CeBIT hosts 6,000 exhibitors from 70 countries lead by Taiwan with 700 companies, followed by China, South Korea and the United States. Some 500,000 visitors are expected.

(Note: Rival electronics trade fair, IFA in Berlin is to be an annual event rather than alternate years.)

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