Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shanghai Media Group utilises Siemens and TANDBERG IPTV Solutions

February 28

TANDBERG Television is working closely with its partners and customers to build a next generation digital TV infrastructure in mainland China. That was a key point that came out of the company's February 28 press release quoting Geng Liang, General Manager of TANDBERG Television China.

The release was regarding Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and Shanghai Telecom (ST) January launch of their 50 channel interactive IPTV services to subscribers in the upmarket, Pudong area.

The IPTV installation contract was awarded to Siemens that then utilised TANDBERG MPEG-4 AVC video compression.

The TANDBERG announcement noted also that the fullservice was launched to an audience "over 100% higher than the anticipated subscriber base".

TANDBERG further noted that IPTV provides China's network operators the opportunity to boost their ARPU and reduce their churn by enticing China’s 360 million TV viewers and 25 million broadband users away from traditional cable and satellite Pay-TV.

Essentially, the TANDBERG Television standard definition MPEG-4 AVC head-end provides bandwidth savings of up to 50% on MPEG-2, with superior picture and sound quality.

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