Saturday, October 28, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Asia | Voom HD 170 hrs in Program Sales

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News notices that the success of 170 hours of program sales in high definition (HDTV)across Asia in the past 12 months from Rainbow Media, a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC) indicates the strength and and growth of output in the HD format.

New York based VOOM HD Networks is the largest bouquet of 15 high definition TV channels distributed in the United States through satellite and cable operators. Programming genres include sports, movies, fashion, music and art.

London based, iD Distribution handles the sales effort of high- definition (HD) programming output from Rainbow Media’s VOOM HD TV channels outside the United States.

Simon Nichols, iD Distribution's Sales Executive, attending the Asia Television Forum (Singapore, November 29 - December 1) said Rainbow's broad spectrum of programming, both in its HD catalog and through its general entertainment and informational content are in sync with global demand.

Among the Asian-based digital broadcasters licensing Rainbow's VOOM HD Networks' HDTV programming include:

* China's CCTV HD for 10 hours, including 15 half-hour episodes of 'Reservations Required' (15x30') and five half-hour episodes of Ultra Space.

* Hong Kong's ATV - 'Gallery Tours' and 'Magnificent Obsessions'.

* TVB Hong Kong - 'Reservations Required' and 'Ultra Space'.

* Korea’s OnMedia - 'Reservations Required'.

* Korea's CJ Media - 'Full Frontal Fashion Miami' and a one-hour special entitled 'Swim Suits Secrets Revealed' .

* Thailand's UBC - 'Reservations Required', 'Ultra Space', 'Gallery Tours', 'Art In Unexpected Places' and 'Magnificent Obsessions'.

* Discovery India - 'Full Frontal Fashion London', 'Full Frontal Fashion New York', 'Full Frontal Fashion Milan' and 'Full Frontal Fashion Paris'.

* Discovery Asia - 'Ultra Eye'.

* Singapore’s Media Corp HD - 'Reservations Required' and 'Ultra Space'.

* Singapore's MediaCorp News - 'Behind the Label'.

* Singapore Air - 'Behind the Label' and 'Reservations Required' to entertain its travelers.

* Fox Japan - picked up nearly 40 hours of programming, including 'Full Frontal Fashion London', 'Full Frontal Fashion Milan', 'Full Frontal Fashion Paris', 'Party Flash', 'Beauty Minute Makeover', 'Yoga', 'Style Pulse', 'Where D’ya Get That', 'Reservations Required' and 'Behind The Label'.

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