Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | China | CCTV6 Restores Old TV Shows with da Vinci

The China Movie Channel Group including CCTV6 based at China Central Television in Beijing, has recently installed da Vinci's Revival color image system to restore films and old TV shows to be upgraded for transmission over five standard definition (SD) TV channels and one HDTV channel reaching a potential 800 million viewers across China.

Wang Shaoqing, director of the technical department and senior engineer at the China Movie Channel operation explains some of the difficulties: "Many of our older film and television programs contain dirt, spots, scratches, flickering, and other defects which affects the viewing quality for our audience. "We felt it necessary to purchase a high-quality, comprehensive restoration system to meet our growing needs".

The China Movie Channel group, including CCTV6, transmits programming 24/7 hours across six different channels: "CHC Home Theatre," "CMC Chinese Movie Channel," "CMC Hong Kong Channel," "CMC Animation Movie Channel," and "CHC High Definition Movie Channel."

Peter Glassberg, VP, worldwide sales and service at da Vinci said that The China Movie Channel group will take advantage of all elements of revival, from heavy-duty restoration to digital remastering. Revival offers complete functionality, including deFlicker, dust, stain, dirt, grain, and noise removal. An automatic mode analyzes and processes images without operator assistance, while an interactive mode enables manual restoration of individual sequences, allowing operators to achieve high-quality results at optimized speed.

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