Monday, October 09, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Korea | Munhwa TV Criticised, Issues Apology

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News simply cannot believe what can happen on South Korea TV!

In Seoul, a live "Chuseok" Harvest Moon holiday TV special on October 5, produced by digital broadcaster, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, (Munhwa-MBC) saw a comedienne take many boxing punches from male hosts of the TV show.

The end result of "live, on-air" a bloodied female, fainting is not funny.

The Korean TV audience watching also agreed and let it be known to the broadcasting authorities.

As a result, Munhwa TV has apologised.

This is not the first time that Korean TV networks have been heavily criticised for handling dangerous on-screen action to gain TV audience share of the ratings.

In 1999, Korean actor, Kim Sung-chan died after being infected with malaria during a show in Laos.

In 2005, Korean radio actor, Jang Jung-jin choked to death on a piece of rice cake while recording a TV entertainment show that included a rice cake eating game.

Also in 2005, female comedian, Chung Jung-ah was bitten by an Anaconda snake while shooting a show for Korean Broadcasting System (KBS TV). It is reported that she was forced to finish filming without treating her wound.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News believes that while it is important to reign in TV directors and producers that push the limits of acceptability in TV viewing, it will be the audience that will let the networks know what is not liked. Advertisers do not like that, no matter how high the TV ratings.

Munhwa Broadcasting is Korea's second largest terrestrial television network.

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