Sunday, October 01, 2006

Digital Broadcast | Lebanon - Israel | Targeted By New Line Media TV Producers

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News received an email announcement from Florida - based, "New Line Media", the educational television producer and program distributor to the United States and International terrestrial TV and cable TV markets, of its new devotion to the Middle East.

The release dated September 30 wrote about the TV programming focus will be on Beirut and other parts of Lebanon and Israel, with "live coverage from the hot spots". This will be possible by the also just announced, "plans to establish a multi-million dollar TV studio in the Middle East".

The release is typical of an American-based, TV company, full of bluster but lean on facts.

No mention was made of 'where' the multi - million dollar production studio was to be located.

I tried to enter New Line Media's web site at [ http:// ]just before posting this message, but that failed according to my Firefox browser.

Not very encouraging for a company making big claims, I would have thought.

In the same release, we at Digital Broadcasters Vendor News noticed a comment from CEO and president Doug Scott about the new studios. He said “that will make our company a household name, where we will continue to be known for innovative ways to use the media to produce high-quality educational shows.” Wow!

Apparently, according to this program originator and vendor, New Line Media "has made their reputation by delivering the full scope of their featured guests’ messages to audiences for more than eight years through its innovative half-hour programs, which delve into many popular areas of interest for viewers".

(That was a gobbledygook paragraph. Why can't publicists write in more simple English like: "We are known for always giving extensive airtime to our guests to fully explore interesting topics with TV viewers.")

New Line Media said the shows are aired on targeted national and international cable networks, as well as on regional broadcast stations.

Now you know.

Watch out for the credits on programs on an Arab TV channel near you and see if they are those of "New Line Media".

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