Thursday, October 05, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Australia | CH31 Adelaide Trial

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News has learned from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that the Adelaide community television station issue is being reopened.

Previously in 2004 applications were invited for an operator on UHF Channel 31.Two TV organisations applied: "C31" and "OUR TV" Adelaide Limited applied for the licence. But the service never got off the ground and the authority decided not to go ahead for undisclosed reasons.

The ACMA is now re-opening the application process for a community TV license but this time it is open to groups interested in conducting a community television "trial" in the city of Adelaide and still on UHF TV channel 31.

Simplifying a complex situation, the ACMA wants a winning applicant to carry out a terrestrial TV transmissions and programming "trial" under temporary conditions for just six months.

The service would operate under the open narrowcasting television ‘class licence’ for community and educational non-profit purposes.

Applications may only be lodged by companies formed in Australia or an external Territory (including companies limited by guarantee and incorporated associations) by November 2.

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News suggests anyone interested to view the ACMA site.

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