Friday, October 06, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Singapore | Campus Radio

We at Digital Broadcasters Vendor News are following up on our story on Radio Australia as a DAB service being re-broadcast on Rediffusion Singapore.

In another development, Radio Australia has also equipped and set up a live broadcast studio facility on campus of the Australian International School in Singapore (AISS) as part of Radio Australia's 'Airducation Broadcasting Channel'.

The object of the "Airducation" project is to enable students to learn broadcast skills and broadcast live in digital audio over an education radio channel provided by Rediffusion Singapore.

Head of Radio Australia, Jean-Gabriel Manguy, said that his organisation believes that the availability of Radio Australia will foster greater mutual understanding between Singapore and Australia and significantly enhance the quality and depth of radio programming on offer to Singapore and to Australian expatriate audiences.

“We believe RA's presence will also further strengthen links between Singaporeans and Australians at a cultural and educational level. After all, there is already so much going on between both countries.”

Does anyone know if Singapore's university campuses have campus (community) radio?

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