Thursday, September 14, 2006

Digital Vendor | ADB | Supplies STBs to Telecom Project 5

Digital equipment vendor, Advanced Digital Broadcast at IBC 2006 Amsterdam said it was supplying the ADB-3800T digital terrestrial set- top box (STB) to Telecom Project 5 (TP5) a Moscow-based, digital broadcast turnkey system solutions operator in readiness for the launch of encrypted digital terrestrial television services in Russia. No volume was mentioned, contract price, nor start date for the digital TV service.

In accordance with the Russian Government’s requirement for digitalisation of radio and television, TP5 was contracted to specify, develop and launch new digital networks for the distribution of cable, satellite and terrestrial television services throughout Russian Federation.

In turn, Geneva - based, ADB has been the chosen STB vendor to supply set-top boxes for the first phase of roll out on the terrestrial platform.

Andrey Shestakov, founder of TP5 said ADB was selected as the one supplier who could deliver at short notice with innovative set top box technology. It was at the top of the list of suppliers considered.

The ADB-3800T is an advanced digital set-top box incorporating standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) television reception based on MPEG-2 and H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC). The unit enables operators to optimise their broadcast bandwidth, whilst presenting consumers with the highest quality in sound and vision.

For the STB vendor's part, Philippe Lambinet, CEO of ADB said that the roll-out of high definition television (HDTV) in Russia is progressing rapidly and 'it is a great challenge' to be involved in this unique project which will see ADB launch products in Russia for the first time.

Telecom-project-5 Ltd, Russia is licensed by the Russian authorities to develop complete turnkey television network systems for satellite broadcast, terrestrial broadcast and Cable TV markets.

For telecom service providers and broadcast networks, Telecom- project-5 Ltd. offers to perform the following types of works as it has the all - important compliance certificates from the Russia Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications for equipment delivery and maintenance on earth satellite ground communication stations: Signal-12K, Signal-18K, Signal-24K, Signal-37K, Signal-76K, Signal-24, Signal-37, for the operations with the satellites “Express- A”, “Express-AM”, “Yamal”, “LMI-1” and receiving stations of the satellite TV Signal-12P, Signal-18P, Signal-20P, Signal-24P.

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