Friday, September 01, 2006

Digital Network Vendor | Scopus at IBC 2006

Scopus Video Networks (NASDAQ:SCOP), based in Tel Aviv, a digital video networking vendor, is using IBC 2006, Amsterdam (September 8 - 12) to launch two new platforms for emerging digital video networks: the NMS-7000 Video Networking Management System and the IRD-2900 MPEG-4 H.264 SD decoder.

Scopus’ new NMS-7000 video networking management system provides complete and total service-level management of video services across big and small networks and headends. The flexible NMS-7000 allows customers to enter the required service functions while the unit continuously operates and manages the end-to-end content delivery system.

Scopus’ new multi-format decoding platform decodes either MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 Standard Definition TV broadcast content and is based on the successful IRD-2900 series. It features-rich, reception front-ends such as: DVB-S2, single or dual L-Band inputs, DSNG, dual MPEG-over- IP input, G.703, and DS3. It also integrates cutting-edge IP technologies, decryption, IP data output (MPE decapsulation), SNMP and web-based management. The combination of MPEG-4 SD decoding and DVB-S2 de-modulation, improves bandwidth utilization by over three times enhancing content distribution services for television operators.

Scopus will show these, as well as comprehensive IP digital video networking solutions for satellite, cable TV, telecomms and terrestrial networks.

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