Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Digital Mobile TV | UDcast iSplicer | At IBC 2006

Digital Mobile TV services vendor, UDcast at IBC 2006, Amsterdam is showcasing its new iSplicer DVB-H transmission technology for Mobile TV.

UDcast specialises in finding solutions in enabling full IP over broadcast media.

Put simply, this is a key component of high revenue generating and cost-optimised Mobile TV networks.

What the iSplicer does is to reduce network deployment time and increase service and advertising revenues thanks to its addressable approach to content and advertising distribution.

The dynamic isochronous content splicing feature allows geographical localisation of service packages and enables innovative advertising schemes. Mobile operators can direct advertising and local TV content to a specific region, enabling high advertising and subscription revenues.

In addition, mobile operators sharing one infrastructure that can differentiate service offerings with different TV packages for each operator and can regionalise content.

Mobile TV broadcasters and service providers, including Spanish broadcaster Abertis Telecom and content management and delivery company GlobeCast are in trials with UDcast saellite link to transmission tower system that avoids expensive and complex leased line or microwave links.

"Up to now, Mobile TV broadcasters and operators had a difficult trade-off to make between the level of investment in the infrastructure and the flexibility of their system. The flexibility is mandatory to enable attractive, consumer-driven content offers," said Dr. Antoine Clerget, VP, Engineering at UDcast. "UDcast's iSplicer enables broadcasters and operators, for the first time, to provide a high degree of content localization, addressable advertising and support for premium services without any significant overhead on the cost of the system."

The bottom line is that the iSplicer as part of UDcast's flexible digital Mobile TV architecture, will:

*boost Mobile TV advertising and content service revenues; *reduce network capital and operating expenditures of large DVB-H deployments *with savings by up to 40 percent.

UDcast says that the iSplicer is designed and targeted at all broadcasters, cellular phone operators and satellite service providers,deploying DVB-H-compliant Mobile TV solutions.


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