Sunday, September 17, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | India | Animax Switches to English

We at Digital Broadcasters Vendor News are perplexed. In India, Gizmo crazy youngsters in the 15-24 age group want to watch the TV programs in the gizmo animation genre in English, not Hindi. Sony Pictures International has responded by changing its Animax television channel from Hindi to English as a direct result of the youngsters' responses. Now, Animax tranmitting 24/7 is showing the orginal version of Cowboy Bebop, Journey to the West, Fire on the Mystic Island, God Save our King and Samaurai in English. Digital broadcaster, Animax still believes that the demand for this type of programming in Hindi will come in one or two year's time. So much for up front research that must have taken place before the TV channel's recent launch in Hindi.

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