Saturday, September 09, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | TVNZ New Zealand | Commits To ScheduALL

Digital broadcaster news from New Zealand sees state broadcaster, Television New Zealand, TVNZ using ScheduALL management operations software to control all of its production resources, both facilities and personnel, in all its locations on both the North Island and South Island of the country.

ScheduALL provides TVNZ with a single intuitive solution for managing the many elements of internal productions, as well as projects for external customers.

Paul Evans, manager of the TVNZ Project Office said that TVNZ was looking for a digital broadcast vendor with an established presence in the broadcasting industry and the ability to support the company's full facilities management process.

Evans said that the ScheduALL system could deliver the range of functions needed by TVNZ as it was an intuitive system, designed specifically for the broadcast environment, and TVNZ's users have said that ScheduALL ‘works the way we think'.

He added that having consolidated a number of business units around the country into a single national team, TVNZ needed a facilities management system that mirrored its new structure.

Previously TVNZ used four different software packages, manual systems, and spreadsheets. Now, using one fully integrated system nationwide, management has one source of information for decision- making and just one process for all of the system's users.

The ScheduALL software allows TVNZ to analyze its business performance nationally from a common base of information. Resource availability is now more visible across the business, and opportunities to move staff and equipment around the country are easier to identify. As the TV broadcaster continues to grow, TVNZ need only update and expand its ScheduALL system, rather than multiple systems across the business.

"At a management level, ScheduALL gives us a much greater degree of confidence around the management information we are seeing, and that leads to better decision-making," added David Wright, TVNZ's national production services manager. "External customers are seeing better billing information, and it's enhanced our relationship with internal productions as there is an easier process to book resources."

Digital broadcaster, TVNZ's two national terrestrial TV networks, TV One and TV2 carry advertising.

ScheduALL is based in Hollywood, Florida. ScheduALL global and regional users include the BBC, Fox News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, CBC Canada, ABC Australia, RTL, NewSkies Satellites and now .

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