Monday, September 04, 2006

Digital Broadcast Vendors | at IBC 2006

German Digital Vendor XentauriX, New Product at IBC 2006, Amsterdam

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia has learned that artec technologies Inc. (WKN:520958), known for its streaming media and IPTV software and hardware solutions for intranet and Internet communications has unveiled for IBC 2006, XentauriX – a Microsoft TV/ IPTV-compatible media service platform. XentauriX utilises IPTV solutions for corporate TV applications, movie on demand, e-learning, personal video recorders and video search engines.

XentauriX is a service and management digital platform incorporating an integrated CVOD (Continuous Video on Demand) technology developed by artec technologies (patent protected) with which complex streaming media projects can be realised for interactive business and web-TV, entertainment or cinema-on-demand.

By uniquely combining live streaming, server-end recording and the parallel integration of metadata, XentauriX IPTV empowers the user to track TV broadcasts and recordings wherever and whenever they want - via set-top boxes, desktop PCs, notebooks, mobiles, handhelds, etc. Even during television transmission, recordings are at clients' disposal for instant replay. Metadata enables fast recording retrieval and allows clients to save broadcast and recording bookmarks with commentaries.

The XentauriX IPTV system has evolved from the original XentauriX platform – a multimedia device where video, audio and metadata were seamlessly linked. TV, video, radio and metadata are encoded, streamed, centrally or de-centrally recorded, managed and administered from various locations via one single platform. Fully loaded with extensive user administration options, VoD clips can be manually or automatically generated on the spot and are then available to viewers instantaneously - saving personnel and studio costs. Broadcast queries can be processed with a variety of devices, be they multimedia PCs, set-top boxes or handhelds. Whenever and whatever users want, they can keep track of "their" broadcasts – even in HDTV.

As Ingo Hoffman, MD at artec technologies further elaborated, "The original XentauriX platform became a firm favourite among world-wide TV and cable providers, being reliable, simple to operate and multi- faceted. After having been used for several years as a streaming media solution for internet TV or E-Learning, the XentauriX platform now interfaces with set-top boxes to provide XentauriX capability for IPTV environments – opening up new business opportunities and providing superior interactive television over the Internet.”

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