Friday, September 08, 2006

Digital Audio | Euphonix | At IBC 2006, Amsterdam

Digital audio vendor Euphonix unveiled its new DF66 DSP SuperCore processing engine for the Euphonix range of broadcast and audio post mixing systems at IBC 2006, Amsterdam. (September 8-12).

The new digital processing engine works with both Max Air and System 5-B/BP broadcast consoles and is also available for the Euphonix System 5-F/P audio post models.

Euphonix says the new DSP SuperCore is an extremely powerful and modular DSP system, which supports dual-redundant power supplies, and an optional 100% redundant DSP SuperCore system.

This failover redundancy system allows for a completely redundant, backup DF66 DSP core to run in parallel with a primary DSP core. In the event of a failure, the entire DF66 audio path, including all I/O devices and router, is switched over to the backup system.

The DF66 DSP Core is a 4U chassis, and provides the primary signal- processing engine for the System 5 and Max Air digital-audio mixing consoles. It is comprised of a system board and up to six plug-in SP662 DSP cards. Although the DF66 design is optimized for typical audio mixing applications, the hardware itself is actually a highly flexible platform for real-time DSP, signal I/O, and routing between these functions. This technology will enable a wide variety of potential future applications. Key aspects of the design are scalability, modularity, serviceability, reliability, and outstanding audio performance.

The DF66 DSP Core is just one of a number of new innovative products in the Euphonix digital audio stable.

Privately-owned, Euphonix was founded in 1988 in Silicon Valley, California.

Euphonix has built a reputation for supplying innovative equipment to the large format digital audio console users in broadcast, production and post production activities.

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