Sunday, September 10, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Jordan Media City | Installs More Harris Equipment for Arabsat

Digital broadcasters facility, Jordan Media City Company (JMC) in Amman has completed installation of a new Arabsat playout transmission center having chosen Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS)as broadcast equipment supplier.

The Arab Satellite Communications Organisation (Arabsat) digital TV equipment line up from Harris Broadcast includes nine NEXIO scalable and modular server platforms; an Integrator Gold wideband digital multi-rate router; an Inscriber G3 HD/SD- selectable character generator (CG) system; Videotek TVM-850 test and measurement instruments; NEO SuiteView modular multiviewer and a range of infrastructure products.

Initially accommodating 16 channels, the new Arabsat playout channels at JMC went on air September 1, 2006. JMC will gradually expand the Arabsat facility to accommodate 32 channels.

Radi Alkhas, CEO of JMC seems pretty satisfied with Harris Broadcast. He said in a statement that over the last few years since Jordan Media City first installed its NEXIO server platforms to play out eight channels, JMC has used Harris Broadcast through a number of phased expansions since then which have been very successful.

The Arabsat digital playout TV facility at JMC now feeds 16 channels of satellite programming for Middle East distribution based on nine NEXIO server platforms with more than 1000 hours of storage.

The NEXIO platforms are split across two domains: the ingest domain is configured as eight record/play ports and eight play ports, while the transmission domain is configured as two record/play and 18 play ports.

This configuration offers an effective redundancy solution for the client as the ingest domain provides backup for the transmission domain in the event of a failure. The playout automation for this multichannel service is based on a Pebble Beach Neptune automation system, and the archive is provided by a Sony PetaSite S Series tape library. Content is copied between the ingest domain, transmission domain and digital library over a fast Gigabit network.

Jordan Media City, Amman is located next to state broadcaster, Jordan Radio and Television and is also home to Arab Radio and Television's "ART" Bouquet of digital satellite TV channels.

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