Sunday, February 26, 2006

TVB's Supersun moves onto PCCW

On February 21, TVB announced that it chosen to put its 20 PAY channels onto PCCW Now Broadband TV platform to extend its distribution to Hong Kong households.

In the 10 year deal Supersun, 51 per cent owned by Charles Chan Kwok-keung and his listed firm See Corp, and the rest held by Television Broadcasts is to sell its 20 channels on Now.

Content migration to Now includes eight exclusive Cantonese channels such as TVB News, TVB Drama Classic channel and TVB Music channel.

Last year, Supersun linked up with Hutchison Global Communications to access to a million broadband households but Supersun to date can only garner approximately 60,000 subscribers.

Supersun is an outgrowth of Galaxy (in which TVB had majority holding) that originally won a pay license from the Hong Kong Government.

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