Sunday, February 26, 2006

GMA Network Manila opts for Ross Video Switchers

February 16

GMA Network Inc. has bought a two Ross Video Synergy 2, a Synergy 1 and Synergy 100 digital production switchers via Media Convergence Inc, the Ross business partner in the Philippines.

The deal was arranged through Felipe S. Yalong, Senior Vice President Finance and Virgilio Muzones, Engineering at GMA and Darren Budrow, Ross Video Manager of Asia Pacific Sales.

Since its establishment on June 14, 1950, privately-owned GMA Network, Inc has continually kept in touch with the preferences of its viewers, which it considers as Kapuso. It is driven to enrich the lives of Filipinos everywhere with superior entertainment and responsible delivery of news and information. GMA has overtaken ABS-CBN in the ratings war this year to be the country's number one network. The company is planning an IPO in 2006/7.

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