Sunday, February 12, 2006

KyLinTV and Chinese Media Net form content partnership in Chinese language JV in the United States IPTV marketplace

February 8.

Based in Great Neck, NY, Chinese Media Net, a multimedia news organization best known for the weekly newspaper Duowei Times, and extensive news service is providing dynamic content to KyLin TV of Plainview, NY.

Nancy Li, Chief Executive Officer of KyLinTV said her company was always looking for the best programming for its subscribers and she was really excited about the content that Duowei is bringing to KyLinTV.

Significantly, while KyLinTV is directed to the Chinese Diaspora in America, it is doing so using its own patent pending Video technology for the IP output on home DSL or broadband. KyLinTV is currently available anywhere in North America for a small monthly subscription fee.

Ms Li pointed out that Duowei programs will cover topics that are specifically geared toward the Chinese community living in the states, and you just can't find that anywhere else.

Mingdi Yang, Executive Vice President of Chinese Media Net sees KyLinTV as the way of the future and a great opportunity for Duowei to be a part of this new media, adding: "IPTV delivers broadcast content anywhere, anytime to any television and it is an ideal way to reach the more than 3 million Chinese households in North America who will be interested in our unique programs."

Duowei programs will be available to KyLinTV subscribers for free during the pilot phase.

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