Monday, February 27, 2006

It could only happen to radio and TV India

For most countries, state run Radio and TV is of strategic importance especially in border areas. With this in mind I was curious to come a cross an article published in the India Telegraph newspaper on January 29.

The site set out a lengthy report on how Indian villagers in Assam along the Indo-Bangla border are more likely to be better informed about events on their side of the border from Bangladesh state Radio and TV than by Doordarshan or All India Radio.

The article set out to explain how three Doordarshan (TV) relay centres in the Dhubri district in Dhubri, Hatsinghimari and Satrasal have been "defunct" for two years. It is an even a more sorry story for All India Radio.

Even the Indian military has voiced concerns about security as Indians were relying on Bangladesh broadcasts to be informed. Even worse the villagers are hooked on a number of Bangladeshi soap operas!

What a to do! Seriously though, how embarrassing this must be for the powers-that-be in New Delhi. On the other hand perhaps not? This is just one of many potential broadcast related stories to have been exposed beyond India's borders.

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