Monday, September 01, 2008

Digital TV | Promo Media Helps Al Aan Dubai in Pan Arab Expansion

Zoya Sakr, Head of Sales and Marketing at Al Aan TV, Dubai (left)has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) that Promo Media of Beirut has been appointed Al Aan's on-air advertising and marketing representative for Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Sakr see this as a pan-Arab springboard in the fast growing satellite TV arena. Awareness levels of the Al Aan TV channel have increased remarkably in the region since its establishment in 2006. Imad Jomaa, Chairman of Promo Media said “viewers showed a markedly high preference for Al Aan TV content, with programs offering original programming presented in an innovative infotainment format. We are confident of representing the channel as this will lead certainly to mutual success”. Al Aan's content is based on constant research to identify and respond to the changing desires of the regional audience. The unique infotainment format is a first for the region. It means the viewer can benefit from the daily contact with the channel resulting in a pleasurable viewing experience. A recent study by Market Research firm, Ipsos showed that viewership of the channel has increased 80% from last year. DBVNA notes that Al Aan TV is a pan-Arab satellite TV broadcaster based in Dubai Media City. Distribution is by Arabsat or Nilesat. Al Aan targets the needs and aspirations of a young, dynamic and modern family audience with emphasis on the female viewer segment which shows strong support to the channel's programming approach. Al Aan TV website is in Arabic with a boiler plate page in English.

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