Monday, September 01, 2008

Digital Broadcast | Noor Dubai TV | Launches Sept 1

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia (DBVNA) can tell you that the United Arab Emirates' largest cross platform publisher, the Arab Media Group (AMG) is launching 'Noor Dubai' a new free-to-air satellite TV channel broadcasting locally-originating programs. AMG has chosen today, September 1, the auspicious first day of the Holy Month of Ramadan. "Noor Dubai" TV channel is a natural extension of AMG's popular Noor Dubai radio station on FM 93.9 MHz. Like its radio counterpart, the TV channel aims to embody the social and cultural values of the UAE Noor's unique style of presenting daily life in the country. Nahla Al Fahad, Head of Radio Television Projects, commented: "Noor Dubai has always been a popular radio station that clearly speaks to the residents of UAE, both nationals and non-nationals alike, and reflects their thoughts and concerns. We wanted to expand the base of the Noor phenomenon by bringing it to television, to give the special Noor 'feel' a face and a visual identity." DBVNA notes that Noor Dubai distribution is on Arabsat Badr 4 satellite, transponder frequency 12169 Mhz. Aside from publishing, the Arab Media Group owns and operates the FM-based, Arabian Radio Network (ARN) across the UAE, including Dubai Eye 103.8, Dubai 92, Pulse 95.3, City 1016, Hit 96.7, Noor Dubai 93.9, Al Khaleejiya 100.9 and Al Arabiya 99. Virgin Dubai, a branch of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin International brand, was added in March 2008. The Arabian Television Network (ATN), AMG's TV subsidiary operates MTV Arabia and Nickelodeon, and now Noor Dubai TV from September 1, 2008.

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