Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Digital Vendor | NDS Opens New Delhi Office

NDS Asia Pacific, owned by NDS Group plc (NASDAQ: NNDS) has informed Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia, that it has opened a sales and support office in New Delhi. A leading provider of technology solutions for digital Pay TV, NDS already has a Mumbai office and a Bangalore Research and Development Center. With 900 staff already working in India, NDS says it is committed to providing continuing support to the Indian PAY TV market and to investing in further expansion. With unprecedented emphasis on technology research and development, NDS says it ensures its customers are market leaders, today and tomorrow. Commenting in Mumbai, Sue Taylor, VP and General Manager of NDS Asia Pacific said, "NDS is very optimistic about the growth of the Indian Pay TV market." Latest research shows that India's digital Pay TV market will lead the Asia-Pacific region in revenue generation by 2015. India's established Pay TV market leaders, Tata Sky, Hathaway Cable and Datacom, as well as new market entrants Bharti and Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), all rely on NDS systems to protect and enable their Pay TV services.

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