Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Digital Radio | Iran Festival Boosts Radio Programs: ABU

You're reading this story on Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia: From the Tehran Times Art Desk:

TEHRAN -- The Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), David Astley is convinced that the annual festival of radio in Iran helps develop radio programs in the region. Participating in the press conference held at the venue of Tehran’s Radio building, IRIB Deputy Director Hassan Khojasteh, and Alireza Nuri, the secretary of the festival, elaborated on the programs of the 9th International Radio Festival of Iran running from May 20 to 22, 2008. Astley: “This is the third time I am in Iran and I am happy to see great progress in radio programs each time. This festival indicates a good progress and I think Iran’s great endeavor will help develop radio programs in the region.” He also appreciated Khojasteh for holding such programs, saying, “The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is one of most active members of ABU and it plays a major role in the Middle East. Events like this will help study world radio programs from various points of view.” Astley also announced that they will try to cover the news of this year’s festival through ABU website. Khojasteh was the next who made a speech and said, “IRIB believes enhancing activities of international organizations like ABU will benefit all members and each member must try to boots its programs. Iran is also planning to hold several other conferences this year.” With reference to the increase in the number of radio channels across the country, he said, “I believe the older the radio gets, the younger its programs become, and for further freshness, radio requires new theories.” “Radio, the Voice of Cultures” is the motto of the 9th International Radio Festival of Iran. Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia Source: www.tehrantimes.com ---------

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