Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Afghani Saraish Radio Launches BBC Uzbek Broadcasts

The Saraish Radio and #BBCUzbek Development

Digital Broadcast | Vendor News Asia has heard from the BBC Uzbek language service that it is now supplying Saraish Radio 91.1 FM in Shahr-e Sheberghan with its programming output. The significance of the deal is that Saraish Radio serves Uzbek speaking audiences in the Jowzjan and Sar-e Pol provinces in north-western Afghanistan.  

The BBC Uzbek team convinced Saraish Radio Founder and President, Ms Farida Rahim Azizi to take the daily one hour round up for broadcast between 17.30-18.30 local time. 

Saraish Radio 91.1 FM is a private station pioneering a role that focusses on women as its main target audience. The programming covers sensitive issues such as women’s education and their role in society.  It broadcasts news and current affairs, youth and educational programmes, talk shows, short dramas and sport.   

Shahr-e Sheberghan is located 130 km west of Mazari Sharif. It is also the single most important Uzbek dominated city in all of Afghanistan. The city and region's inhabitants reflect the Silk Road 'Arab' heritage yet where most of the region is multi-lingual in the Persian languages.  

Ms Farida said that everyone at Radio Saraish is excited about its cooperation with the BBC as an excellent development for the FM radio station and its listeners. It is clear that BBC Uzbek prides itself on its 20 year-old service that has built a strong reputation for impartial news, in a region where unbiased news is hard to come by.   

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