Saturday, December 12, 2009

BBC Kyrgyz :: TV Team into KNTR Co-Production Pub Affairs Series

Digital Broadcasters Vendor News Asia has learned from BBC Kyrgyz television of its new (first??) 30 minute public affairs co-produced series with KNTR - Kyrgyzstan State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company. "SAPAR" was launched on December 2, 2009 at 1630hrs on KNTR's National TV Network 1. The subject was Climate Change. The deal was co-ordinated through Head of BBC Central Asia and Caucasus Service, Hamid Ismailov and Business Development Manager, West Asia, BBC World Service, Gemma Hayman. Kyrgyz politics keep the BBC team on its toes, as it sways between the West and Russian influences. It was of course a republic in the days of the old Soviet Union. BBC Kyrgyz has a 15 year track record with KNTR, with programming output being broadcast over KNTR FM radio: 103.7 FM (Bishkek); 102.2 FM (Batken) and 106.3 FM (Kerben); and nationwide on Kyrgyz State Radio's Channel 1.  Logo above is from the BBC web site. Kyrgyzstan uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

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Yes, "Sapar" - "Journey" is a new project with the Kyrgyz State TV. Yes, they keep us on toes, you always have to find new ways of reaching your audience . And the Kyrgyz audience is superb: welcoming and aspirational. "Sapar" discusses world agenda with Kyrgyz angle. "Sapar" will be featured on Kyrgyz State TV every week on Wednesdays. It will be published weekly on our webpage split into three parts.