Monday, September 04, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | John Cleese at Australia's Annual Radio Meet

Commercial Radio Australia has confirmed to us at digital broadcasters vendor news Asia the list of top speakers for the annual one day radio conference at which some 400 of Australia's good and the great in the radio broadcasting sector will be present.

This year’s "Australian Radio Conference" will be held at the Crystal Palace Conference Centre at Luna Park in Sydney on Friday, October 13 (for any one superstitious about dates, then this is one to note).

Some of the hot topics on the agenda:

*The impact of the Internet on Digital radio, *cross media ownership and *what radio will sound and look like in 2010?

Actor and comic genius, "John Cleese", is key note speaker.

He will recall his early days in radio, his experience in advertising and his views on creativity in life, drawing on a 42-year career spanning radio, films, TV and advertising.

Graeme Samuel, chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, will discuss the future of 'media in Australia' as a result of changes to media laws and the ACCC’s role in facilitating "digital radio".

Milan Rokic is Asia-Pacific Marketing Director of 'Cirque du Soleil'. He will address balancing creativity with managing a unique global entertainment brand.

Tasmanian-born Dirk Anthony is Group Program Director at 'Gcap Media', formed in 2005 from the merger of the UK’s two biggest radio companies, GWR and 'Capital'. He will talk about how to find and keep good on-air radio talent.

Jim Cook is SVP of Creative at 'Clear Channel Radio', the US leading coast-to-coast, radio network of 1200 radio stations, and reaching 100 million listeners. He will discuss how to engage listeners in an over-communicated world.

California-based Dennis Clark produces Ryan Seacrest’s 'KIIS FM' radio program and spent 10 years working for the legendary Rick Dees. He will espouse on successful breakfast radio formats.

Jeff Thomas is the imaging producer for Howard Stern’s satellite radio channels in the US. Jeff will join a discussion panel on what makes great audio imaging and promotions.

Chris Lytle is the author of the business best seller, 'The Accidental Salesperson', which has been published in English, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish. His topic - up-to-the-minute practical strategies and tools for advertising, marketing, sales and management.

Paul Gardner is chairman of 'Grey Global Group' Australia. He will touch upon the latest insights on communications and the media taken from the annual "Eye on Australia" study. The results reveal current consumer attitudes to life and brands.

A reminder of the panel discussions:

* The revenue outlook for radio and media; * Fast forward to 2010, exploring future roles and relationships between radio and the Internet, and * Digital radio developments featuring experts in multimedia content and technology.

That is the Australian Radio Conference, Crystal Palace Conference Centre, Luna Park, Sydney. Friday October 13, 2006.

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