Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcast|Rohde&Schwarz at IBC 2006

Digital broadcast vendor, Rohde&Schwarz at IBC 2006

Digital radio and television transmitter networks are now used throughout the world. Many networks are equipped with TV and audio transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz, Germany's leading supplier in this field. Rohde & Schwarz has now complemented its portfolio by offering numerous new broadcast transmitters covering the various standards and ranges.

The electronics vendory enjoys a clear edge by coupling many years of experience in mobile radio with expertise in broadcasting. This year, Rohde & Schwarz will place special emphasis on network monitoring and failsafe operation of networks. At IBC, Rohde & Schwarz will now present new capabilities:

The DTV Monitoring Receiver R&S ETX-T ensures the quality of DVB-T transmissions. Now the SFN functionality of an SFN network can be monitored for the first time.

Important new functions have been implemented in the R&S DVM family, a measurement system that now not only monitors and analyzes MPEG-2 transport streams but is also equipped with RF and IP interfaces. Using only one instrument you can monitor one or more DTV signals, thus providing a space-saving and cost-efficient solution.

For development and service applications, Rohde & Schwarz will also present a completely new TV analyzer platform for digital and analog TV. Based on an innovative instrument concept, new TV and sound broadcasting standards can be implemented on a software basis.

The universal Broadcast Test System R&S SFU now supports all internationally common digital TV standards. The R&S SFU is the only test transmitter to provide DVB-H, T-DMB, ISDB-T, DMB-TH and MediaFLOTM on a single platform.

In the field of audio transmitters, Rohde & Schwarz will also present the FM radio transmitters of the new R&S SR8000 series for output power of 100 W to 1 kW. The transmitters of the R&S NR8200 series complement the spectrum for transmit power of 2.5 kW up to 40 kW.

For mobile TV in accordance with the T-DMB standard, the transmitter families R&S NA6000, R&S NA7000 and R&S NL6000 are available. The R&S SV8000 platform can be used for digital TV standards (America's ATSC, and Europe's DVB-Terrestrial and DVB-Handheld).

Rohde & Schwarz also offers DVB-H playout with statistical multiplex for playout centers. For this purpose, the R&S DIP010 data inserter and generator, and the brand-new R&S AVE264 encoder are available from one of the leading vendors of digital broadcasting equipment.

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