Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|AES Seoul Papers (5)

The 29th AES Conference, "Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices", all digital, September 2 to 4, 2006 Seoul National, lUniversity Campus

Digital Audio Presentations - Part 5

Evaluation of PEAQ for the Digital Quality measurement of Perceptual Audio Encoders

Invited Speaker:

Ashok Magadum, Ittiam Systems, Karnataka, India

Quality measurement of perceptual digital audio encoders during design and embedded platform implementation plays a critical role. Perceptual audio codecs, which are lossy in nature, provide tradeoff between quality and complexity based on the application. In this investigation, the PEAQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Audio Quality) is used for measurement of the audio quality and observations are made on its benefits and limitations. Enhancements to improve the performance of PEAQ for quality measurement of perceptual audio codecs are also discussed.

Implementation of Sound Engine Of Gayageum Based on Intel Bulverde PX272A Processor

Invited Speakers:

Sang-Jin Cho, Sung-min Cho, Hoon Oh and Ui-Pil Chong, University of Ulsan, Korea

In this paper, we describe a sound synthesis of Korean plucked string instrument called "gayageum" and implementation of the sound engine based on the Intel Bulverde PXA272A processor. Commuted waveguide synthesis (CWS) is used for physical modeling of the "gayageum" and is modified to include transmission characteristic of movable bridge called "Anjok". Characteristic of "Anjok" is extracted from digitally recorded sound by means of adaptive filtering for inverse system identification. To implement the sound engine of gayageum, we use X- hyper272A board which equips Intel Bulverde PXA272 processor as prototype of a digital sound engine.

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