Saturday, August 12, 2006

Digital Broadcasters|AES Seoul Papers (4)

The 29th AES Conference, "Audio for Mobile and Handheld Devices", all digital, September 2 to 4, 2006 Seoul National, lUniversity Campus

Digital Audio Presentations - Part 4

Dual Channel Audio Decoding Architecture of Digital TV SoC

Invited Speakers:

Hyo Jin Kim, Joon Il Lee, Tae Hoon Hwang, Myeong Hoon Lee, H. O. Oh and Seong Jong Choi, LG Electronics, Korea

In this paper, we describe design issues of an audio decoding processor that can be applied especially to digital decoding and/or encoding more than two audio contents simultaneously. The dual channel decoding is an emerging issue in the upcoming convergent multimedia applications including Digital TV, DVD, cellular phone, and Internet audio. To satisfy various requirements for dual channel decoding, we propose a novel DSP hardware architecture and a software structure.

Digital Multichannel Sound Scene Control for MPEG Surround

Invited Speakers:

Seungkwon Beack, Jeongil Seo, Inseon Jang and Dae-young Jang, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea

MPEG Surround is a technique to compress multichannel signals as backward compatible mono or stereo sound with a little bit increase of bitrate for additional side information. We call that additional information as spatial cues which can remove a lot of redundancy between inter-channels. In this paper, to provide useful functionality to MPEG Surround, we proposed multichannel sound scene control algorithm based on the modification of spatial cues. By simple modification of spatial cues for MPEG Surround, the overall sound scene produced by digital multichannel sound can be easily controlled and panned according to user preference and other system’s request such as synchronization of multi-view video and interactive TV.

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