Sunday, August 20, 2006

Digital Broadcasters | Asia's 1st AM HD Radio Station

We have to dig into history here, but broadcast transmitter vendor Broadcast Electronics has issued a release dated August 8, talking about a broadcast revival event in April, to coincide with the IBC 2006 Exhibition.

Essentially, Broadcast Electronics has helped a religious broadcaster restore AM radio with FM quality to the airwaves in HD Radio.

This past April, Radio Sangkakala, some 15 years after private AM stations in Indonesia migrated to the FM waveband, started transmissions on 1062kHz in Surabaya on the central island of Java.

Radio Sangkakala is a religious radio station, affiliated with the Bethany Assembly of God, which purchased three adjacent frequencies and began broadcasting HD Radio in hybrid mode from the middle frequency - 1062 kHz.

Radio Sangkakala's owner and operator, Pohan E. Harliman reported excellent medium-wave analog coverage and exceptional FM quality signals.

BE’s representative in Indonesia, Catur Mitra Adhikara, installed the Radio Sangkakala Broadcast Electronics AM 10A transmitter with an AS 10 HD signal generator. BE says that this is the first known AM HD Radio system in Asia.

“It was a great honor to bring FM quality to the AM band in Indonesia,” said Ronny Gozali of Catur Mitra Adhikara.

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