Saturday, July 01, 2006

Quote from Broadcast Asia 2006

Broadcast Asia 2006 Exhibition and Conference and related shows, June 19-23, Singapore

Comment from Digital Broadcast Vendor, Eyeheight which manufactures compact and easy-to-operate SD, HD and multidefinition digital broadcast TV equipment used by major broadcasters worldwide. The range includes vision switchers, colour correctors, linear keyers, legalisers, signal embedders, source identifiers and aspect-ratio converters. All Eyeheight products are based on a standard modular networking platform, easily interfaced to external automation.


A key message emerging from these three shows is the healthy demand for mobile television products and services, particularly among commuters in the major urban areas of Southeast Asia. People hitherto satisfied with portable DVD players to entertain them while travelling are now potential audiences for broadcast and netcast programs. 625/525-line standard definition (SD) television is an ideal standard for this application and should ensure the survival of standard resolution long after mainstream broadcasting has migrated to 1080-line and 720-line high definition (HD) television.

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Martin Moore Managing Director Eyeheight Watford UK

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