Wednesday, June 28, 2006

HyeFilms Armenia Restore with da Vinci Support

The National Film Archives of Armenia are being preserved by the recently privatised film studio, HyeFilm in the capital Yerevan, using the latest da Vinci Resolve digital mastering suite, and Revival color image restoration systems for digitizing and restoring the vast store of feature films.

This is a story of preservation of a national heritage. The original Armenian film negatives were stored for decades in the Soviet state film library in Moscow. Armenia is the first CIS country to have gained access to its Soviet-era film library, and the film treasures.

It is now the task of HyeFilm to repair, enhance, and preserve Armenian film archives dating back to 1924.

The recently acquired, da Vinci product systems at HyeFilm are connected to a common storage area network (SAN) and thereby easily access the same materials without need for time-consuming copying between systems.

The preservation process will be complete with the end product available in Standard Definition Broadcast(SD) or HD video for television broadcast, as well as scanner files for film output for cinema release or archive storage.

da Vinci made the Armenian sale through its local dealer, ACN Company .

As a footnote, Yerevan is a leading industrial, cultural, and scientific centre in the Caucasus region.

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