Thursday, June 22, 2006

CBNsat Not off the Hook Yet

Digital Broadcast Vendors News reported that in Colombo CBNSat Cable TV service was closed by the Sri Lankan police two weeks ago on instructions from the authorities - presumably the Ministry of the Media. The pretext was they were operating without a proper license.

Yesterday,June 21, executives of CBNSat were in court. But the main case has been postponed until July 28.

Sri Lanka is supposedly a democracy but it occurs to me that if a company has operated successfully for 8 years and is then closed down without notice, what were the authorities doing the whole period?

A good investigative reporter may well have a field day with what he/ she may uncover. That perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of CBNSat demise will be the commercial terrestrial stations broadcasting free- to-air?

Thinking aloud, I would also summise that authorities also appear to be ignoring the fact that CBSat has a strong subscriber base and it is those people who are pretty ticked off by the whole episode. The timing of the move by the Media Ministry is particularly irksome. A lot of World Cup and International Cricket coverage are blacked out by the stopping of CBNSat transmissions.

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